How to Install

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Step 4. Grouting and Caulking Tile

Tools and materials you may need for grouting:

Rubber Grout Float
Rubber Grout Float
Grout Saw
Grout Saw

TEC® Invision® color-coordinated grouts and caulks provide ease of use without sacrificing performance. TEC® Invision® Ready To Use Grout is specially formulated to be highly durable, stain resistant and mold and mildew resistant. No sealing of grout is necessary. It can also be applied over existing grout to refresh or repair old grout (see product limitations on label.) Grouts tile joints from 1/16 to 1/2 inch.

Before you Start:

  1. Make sure adhesive is dry and tile is firmly set.
  2. Remove all tile spacers.
  3. Tile should be clean and dry.
  4. Refer to packaging for product limitations.
  5. Expansion joints (where tile meets adjacent walls, floors, or fixtures) should not be grouted. Instead, use TEC® Invision® Ready To Use Caulk (see Caulking Section).

Installing TEC® Invision® Ready To Use Grout

1) Apply the grout. Stir and scoop ready to use grout from bucket and spread on tile surface.

2) Pack the joints. Drag the grout float diagonally at a 45-degree angle while pressing grout to completely fill joints.

3) Scrape. At a 90-degree angle, swipe the grout float over tiles diagonally, scraping off excess grout and leaving joints evenly filled. Let set for at least 10 minutes (no more than 40 minutes) before cleanup.

4) Sponge pat tiles.
a. Wet sponge in a bucket of clean, cool water and wring out excess.
With the damp sponge, pat tile surface to loosen grout film. Rinse sponge in clean water and repeat.

5) Clean tiles. Wipe tile with sponge in light circular motion to clean off tile and smooth joints. To remove remaining film, turn sponge over to use clean side, and wipe diagonally over tiles. Rinse and wring sponge frequently; avoid excessive water on grout joints.

6) Towel Drag. Dunk a towel in clean water and wring out excess. Then lay towel flat on surface and drag across tiles to remove remaining grout haze from tile. If light haze remains, wipe clean next day with damp sponge.*
*Too much water used during clean-up can result in shrinkage and cracking of grout after drying. If this occurs, simply apply more grout in the affected area using your finger or the grout float.

7) Repairing and refreshing old grout. Old grout can be patched, repaired or refreshed. Remove existing grout using a grout saw to a depth of at least 1/8 in. (3mm) below the surface of the tile. Make sure joint is free of all dust and debris. Follow installation instructions 1-6. See limitations on product packaging.

8) No sealing of grout is necessary.

TEC® Invision® Ready To Use Caulk

Once grout has cured, fill gaps at wall intersections, around tub, sink, shower and other fixtures with TEC® Invision® Ready To Use Caulk. The caulk is formulated to match TEC® Invision® Ready To Use Grout colors.

  1. Apply bead along seam by drawing tube towards you. Maintain steady pressure on the tube.
  2. Lightly smooth bead with a wet finger or putty knife.

Note: After you have completed grouting with TEC Invision Ready To Use Grout, wait seven days before water exposure.